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Your wellness is our priority. We take the time to understand your health goals, create a team to support your work meeting those goals, and make a comfortable space to visit with your healthcare team. Our clinic focuses on providing holistic health options to all of our community members. We are happy to provide health plans that incorporate traditional and cultural aspects as well. Whatever your health needs, you can come to us for support. Call today to get the care you've be waiting for!

Navigating healthcare is challenging

Getting all your needs met in one place is hard. Whether you're struggling with addiction or need diabetes medication, you can turn to us for support. Our medical clinic provides:

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Our team is here to help

There aren't many health clinics that focus on the traditions, culture and comprehensive health needs of Indigenous people. If you're looking for a provider that specializes in assisting American Indians and Alaskan Natives, contact Indian Family Health Clinic.

Our staff has experience working closely with Indigenous people from a variety of backgrounds. We also provide our services to any patients looking for holistic healing services. Reach out to our clinic to learn more about our services.


They help us grow, empowering us to remember who we are, where we come from, and what we stand for.

Indian Family Health Clinic understands this and has created a program that focuses upon traditions, culture, holistic healing, health, and wellness.

Our commitment guides us and is embodied in each of the services we provide, including those specifically focused on the Native American community.

We offer comprehensive services tailored to your needs. For those wishing to incorporate Native American culture and traditional medicine into their healthcare plan, we can accommodate. We support each client with a commitment of providing whole person care.

Not only serving current generations but also seeking to help future generations.


Preserving & Respecting Native American Cultural Values


IFHC promotes responsibility and stewardship in the management, administration and delivery of caring services. The Beaver carries wisdom. Wisdom is the gained experience and knowledge.
IFHC approaches health care as one of empowerment and equity, including attention to physical, mental, spiritual and social well-being. The Turtle carries truth. Truth is symbolic of law and principle.
IFHC fosters a welcoming environment in support of the right to have and experience care, healing and wellness. The Eagle carries the gift of love. With love all things are possible.
IFHC is committed to seeking holistic solutions through healing practices. The Bear carries courage. The bear will give us strength to seek resolutions through healing.
IFHC believes in working together to ensure health for the individual, and therefore strengthening the greater community. The Wolf carries humility Central to the wolf is the family pack and is symbolic of community.
IFHC provides care and services in a manner that respects an individual's culture, practices and traditions. Respect is the gift from the Buffalo Respect oneself and others.
IFHC understands and acknowledges the whole person in care. The Forest and sabe within carries honesty and integrity. It is from within and not to be confused with the truth (law).